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Becoming More Productive, Rain or Shine

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Field at sunset

It’s so much easier to be productive on a rainy day. When I awake and the sun is rising, I am almost mesmerized by the wondrous view of the world. The sun rises slowly, but the clouds change shapes and colors by the minute. I can watch the sky reassemble itself right before my eyes. I find that I can’t look away. The warmth of the sun slowly starts to dry the morning dew and the field outside my window begs for someone to walk through it and notice the flowers that have opened overnight. A slight breeze will pop up just when I think that it might be getting a little too hot. Butterflies and dragonflies float through the air defying the laws of gravity as only they can. Leaves fall sporadically from trees to give everything a fairytale like demeanor. I can’t sit down at my desk when the outdoors beckon me with such wonders. I am hypnotized.

When I awake and there is no sunrise, though, I almost feel a bit of happiness surging through my body. The clouds hide the sun and any light that might try to escape. Their magical pull cannot attract me now. On these days I know I will soon be sitting at my keyboard typing away. There is nothing to distract me from getting the words out. I can’t get to my chair fast enough. The clouds keep the house dark so that I keep the lamp turned on at my desk until mid morning. Even then the light is filtered and it dims when a heavy thunderstorm comes through. On these days I know I should be outside getting at least a short walk in, but I succumb to the chair that is calling me to my keyboard.

I was driving to the coffee shop this morning and listening to an episode of Joanna Penn’s podcast, The Creative Penn. She mentioned that as an author she knew she needed to get out and start getting more exercise. I’ve been hearing that more and more lately. Whether writing or blogging, there’s a lot of sitting time at a desk involved. Our lives are shortened by sitting at a desk too much. Standing desks have become a recent trend. I’m not sure I’m really up for that (pun intended). Joanna mentioned that while she takes her daily walk, she would take advantage of voice-to-text technology to dictate her words and become more productive. That’s almost too good to be true, I thought. I came home and immediately started to look into Evernote’s voice-to-text capability. I found that when I use my phone to talk to the app it transcribes my words so well that I don’t need much follow-up editing. Granted, for some reason, when using my Mac to do the same thing it didn’t transcribe it as well. But when I’m at the Mac I use my keyboard anyway. For walking purposes this seems a perfect solution.

Autumn is creeping up. It doesn’t come fast here in the South, but it does take the edge off the afternoon heat and humidity. It’s one of the best times of year. The sky is bluer with little or no overcast, and the slight coolness in the air is enough to keep me outside for hours. Now I can quell that Resistance I mentioned earlier (see No Media Mondays) when I am outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather. And I might even be able to get out and take more walks on rainy days. Just because it’s good for me and I need to. And on those days I know I can come back to my keyboard and be a little more consistent in my writing.

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