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Follow-up to my “No Media” experiment

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More reading and writingThings really turned around for me when I decided to have No Media Monday at my house. It had a much bigger impact than I thought it would. My blog has been sitting in dormant mode for quite a while, waiting for me to perform a few tweaks on pages. Basically, I needed to just hit the Publish button. My #NoMediaMonday saw me through the completion of all my static pages, the creation of a focus for the blog, writing the first blog post and posting new content. That was a big win. And not only that, but I have retained my enthusiasm for getting even more content published. I have a plan.

I want to clarify that my no media day wasn’t completely devoid of electronics. I didn’t unplug myself from the world. I had already made the decision that I wanted to concentrate on my blog, and I knew that would entail a lot of time sitting at my computer. Reading usually involves my Kindle, although I do try to keep the wireless part turned off. I knew there was online research I needed to do for my blog posts. And, if I had the time (and it looks like I will in the future) there are a few online classes that I would like to take. These were all activities I did on “NoMediaMonday. My grand daughter also sent me text messages and voice messages, and I wasn’t going to turn my phone off to miss that conversation. So my day wasn’t a No Electronics Monday, but it was a day of targeted electronics only. I mentioned previously that electronics would be used proactively, and not reactively (except for grand children’s messages).

At the end of the day, I went to bed early; not because I was bored, but because I was physically exhausted. Working on your passion takes energy. And I have not been fueling my body very well. So it’s now time to also look at my eating and exercise habits. I’m starting to see the first domino fall. I did sleep through the night, though, which hasn’t happened in several weeks. And I awoke feeling refreshed and ready to get back to blogging. But I am going to take it slowly. I know myself well enough to know that I can get so fixated on something I enjoy that I end up either ignoring other things I should take care of in life, or burning out.

I awoke Tuesday morning and for a moment thought that it must be Monday because I hadn’t seen the news the day before. It was an automatic reaction. I suppose I will get out of that mode soon enough. I consider #NoMediaMonday to be a complete success for me. I didn’t need to hear the news over the past 24 hours. Tuesday morning they were still going over Monday’s news items anyway. I didn’t need to hear the weather report. I heard the forecast on Sunday. I didn’t need to read my news or Twitter feeds. I didn’t miss anything earth shattering there. My television programs were recorded so that I can watch them later. I rarely watch live tv these days, anyway.

NoMediaMonday is permanently on repeat on my calendar now. I’m starting to seriously consider implementing #TurnOffThursday, too.

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