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Writing from the inside…

“A Writers Cabin” evokes the image of a small cabin, with smoke coming from the fireplace, in a wooded area, with a small stream.  The cabin is small, old and sparse.  The only thing you plan to do in this cabin is to stare at the walls (and the few books you’ve brought) and think.  And write.  And listen to the silence.  And think some more.  And write more.

My previous life involved a lot of study, research and writing in a specific format and for a specific purpose.  Here I hope to pull out the words and feelings from the inside through different avenues – poems, music, prose – all revolving around nature themes.  Some words will be my own, some will be from others.  But the musings will be from the inside.

I live in a small, old farm house in the woods.  But I have my cable TV and internet.  And other modern conveniences.  The silence can evade me even here, though, as the lumber trucks drive by my house on the local highway.  Progress and growth come ever closer and often invade my natural spaces.  But I can always create my own internal space within this writers cabin.

A writers cabin should be a place in each of our lives where we can get away, even if only in our own minds, to think about what is important, why things happen the way they do, and how our lives affect others.  It should be a place where you can think and write without interruption until you have finished putting down on paper everything from the inside.  Until there is nothing left to say.  Until tomorrow.  And then you do it all again.

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